Eggs in A Basket – A breakfast treat!

egg toastMark’s dad used to make Eggs in A Basket for the kids when they were young.  This is an easy way for your grandchildren to eat eggs and a good thing for beginner cooks to make. 

1 slice of bread – you can experiment with different kinds of bread: white, whole wheat, sour dough, texas toast, etc.

1 egg

Butter for the bread and pan

Salt, pepper, nutmeg (optional)

Butter your bread on both sides.  Using a small juice glass or biscuit cutter, cut a circle out of the center of your bread. Heat your pan with a small amount of butter and place your buttered and cut bread in the pan.  Break an egg into the center.  Season with salt, fresh ground black pepper, and a touch of grated nutmeg (optional).  You could even add a little grated cheddar cheese. You decide if you want the yellow to be cooked or not.  Once the white part begins to cook, flip and cook the other side.


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