Honey Mustard Dip for Chicken Tenders and Sweet Potato Fries

SweetPotatoFries-main_FullWho doesn’t love a good honey mustard dip?  This one is perfect – not too sweet and not too tart.

 The best sweet potato fries in Memphis are at Beignet Cafe on GE Patterson across from The Arcade.  Their sweet potato fries are crispy, but you can taste the sweetness of the sweet potato too and the right amount of salt!  The best chicken tenders in Memphis are at Dan McGinnis in East Memphis on Spottswood; perfect amount of crunch while remaining tender inside, and the flavor is fantastic!

 1/2 cup Griffins Sweet Hot Mustard

 1/4 cup water – judge your consistency by the amount of water you add

1 cup mayo

2 pinches seasoned salt

Touch of honey


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Filed under Chicken, Dip / Spread / Sauce / Seasoning, Pork, Salad

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