Crunchy Cole Slaw

cole slawTalk about easy – plus delicious!

 1 bag Cole slaw mix (large) the kind with carrots and cabbage.

2 oz sliced almonds

4 oz sunflower seeds, if already roasted you do not need to re-toast

2 packages of Oriental Ramen Noodles


Toast almonds and sunflower seeds at 300 for about 5 minutes – watch closely.

Optional:  You can toast the Ramen noodles too if you want.

Mix all above ingredients together except the noodles.


3/4 cup oil

3 tablespoon sugar

4 tablespoon white vinegar

2 – dry packet seasoning from noodle package

Mix all together.

 Before serving, crush Ramen noodles and mix into cold slaw and pour dressing over all.  You don’t want to add the dressing and noodles until you are ready to serve – the Ramen noodles will get soggy.


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