guacamoleIt seems everyone has their own preference for Guacamole.  For me it’s all about the texture. While some people like it smooth and creamy, my recipe makes a chunkier, fresher tasting guacamole.  One thing is for sure, guacamole from the grocery store sucks.  I think you will enjoy my recipe below.  The process begins with selecting the perfect avocado.  The ingredients that make this guacamole unique are a dab of mayo, Serrano chilies, and jalapeno juice.

1 ripe Roma tomato, finely chopped, not minced and watch your tomato juice (you can use any fresh tomato, but Roma tomatoes have less water)

2 tbl. or more white onion, finely chopped, not minced

2 Serrano chilies, finely chopped, not minced

2 tbl. Finely chopped cilantro…or a little more!

1 tbl. Lime juice, fresh not bottled

If you don’t have enough of the above vegetables, you could add some Pico de Gallo.

2 – 3 large avocados

1 tbl. or less mayo . . . just a little dab for creaminess

Black pepper

1/4  tsp. salt….remember, your chips will be salty so taste before you use any salt

Using a fork, mash all ingredients together keeping the mixture very chunky. Don’t over mix.  Makes about 2 cups.  To adjust the consistency, add jalapeno juice.  Serve immediately, if possible. Will keep at room temperature for up to 1 hour, cover with plastic wrap, pressing it directly onto the surface.


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