Fresh Strawberry Pie

strawberry1My husband’s Aunt Bonnie was a really cool lady; a true steel magnolia.  (If you don’t know what a steel magnolia is – see the movie!)  Bonnie was fun to be around and had a knack for keeping the family together.  She hosted the ‘girls’ lunch each month and all the girls in the family would bring a special dish. For the peach and strawberry seasons, Bonnie would make strawberry or peach pie. 

Once you taste this pie, you will never use any other recipe. It’s so fresh and light; you taste the fruit, not sugar. One key to success for this pie is to use fresh, ripe fruit.

1 cup sugar
3 heaping tbl. all purpose flour
Add both into small sauce pan on the stove-no heat.  Add 2 tbl.
cold water and stir. 
Add 1 cup boiling water to mixture and stir.  Now turn the heat on medium. 
Stir constantly and remove from heat when mixture thickens.  It will be
super thick, but don’t worry, you are adding the fruit next and it will add
Add 2 cups of fresh slices strawberries or peaches NOT FROZEN!   You should mash a few of the strawberries for that extra special burst of flavor and color. 
Add a dash of lemon juice. 
Pour into a baked pie shell.  Cool in the refrigerator.
Top with cool whip or homemade whipped cream.

You can substitute fresh peaches, but if they are real ripe, drain first.


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